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Who do I ask about voting-related questions?
The following may assist with your questions:
Clerk, Annette M. Roesch
Deputy Clerk, Michelle A McLemore
Who handles cemetery plot purchases?
Contact Brenda Imm or Pat Steele to see what plots are available, costs, and purchases.
Where is Cambridge township police department located?
The physical police department office is at 495 Spruce St, Brooklyn, MI 49265.  It is not located at Cambridge Township office.

Office: 517-467-4737 
Fax: 517-467-9243
Who do I ask about taxes or utility bills?
Treasurer, Shawna Rohrbach 517-467-2104, cambridge twp
517-605-2653, cell 
Deputy Treasurer, Judy Losey 517-467-2104  
Secretary,  Brenda Imm 517-467-2104
Secretary, Pat Steele 517-467-2104
Do you have a notary available?
Yes. All parties need to be present to sign in front of the notary at the same time. Driver's Licenses must be shown.

Zoning Concerns & Complaints

How do I file a complaint?

Cambridge Township Complaint Form

Citizens Request Center

General Inquiry

I'm not sure who to address this to, however...

Citizens Request Center