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Registering to Vote & Maintaining Accurate Registration

*Every time you change your residence, even within the township, you must update your  voter registration.*

*It is also very helpful to share a reliable phone number or email in case we need to  contact you with time sensitive matters. Email the clerk/deputy clerk, call, or stop in to the office to update your contact information.*

*If you are moving out of state and surrender your license, that does NOT automatically cancel your voter registration in MI. You must either update your information on line or contact your township clerk/deputy to cancel your registration.

*If you have a PO Box because you do not receive mail at your primary residence, you need to let your township clerk/deputy know where to send your mail. 

  • Register to vote online, verify your registration status, find your polling pace, or view a sample ballot for an upcoming election at the Michigan Voter Information Center.
  • View your specific voter registration information HERE.
  • UPDATE your voter registration HERE.
  • Or register to vote in person at the Clerk's office in the Cambridge Township office during regular business hours.
    • Bring a photo ide (driver's license or state-issued ID)
    • If your driver's license doesn't include your most recent address, bring a piece of mail such as a utility bill or bank statement to establish your residency within this jurisdiction.
  • How to Register to Vote (video)

Q: How to help update personal/family/friends'/neighbors' voter files? 
Encourage your family and friends who have moved within Michigan to update their voter registration.  They must initiate this process for themselves. They can do this online at: or if they have only moved within the same township, they can go into the township office with proof of new residence (changed driver's license or two bills or government documents mailed to the new residence.) 

If someone has moved out of state, they can email ( ) or send a letter to the Township office stating they wish to cancel their Michigan Voter Registration with legal signature.

If someone has passed on, send/take a copy of a newspaper obituary or death listing or a death certificate to show the clerk/deputy clerk to remove the person from the MI Voter Registration files. 

If someone just does not want to EVER vote (due to religious or personal reasons), (s)he must submit in writing/email a request to have his/her MI voter registration cancelled.

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