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FOIA: Public Act 442 of 1976, MCL 15.231, et seq.

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act states that "a person has a right to inspect, copy, or receive copies of the requested public record of the public body" except where expressly prohibited by the same law. Note: A person serving a sentence of imprisonment in a local, state, or federal correctional facility is not entitled to submit a request for a public record under the FOIA.

There are several ways to get the information you seek. You might first try searching information sources already made available:

  • Meeting records (agendas, minutes) here.
  • For police records, contact the Lenawee County Sheriff or Cambridge Township Police at 517-467-4737 or
    Fax 517-467-9243 .

Requests to view public records of the government of Cambridge Township may be made in any format, verbal or written. Such requests can be made in person at Township Hall either by walk-in during regular business hours or you may request an appointment to view public records at Township Hall.

If copies of public documents are required, requests must be submitted in writing. For your convenience, we have provided a FOIA Request form, though any written request containing the same information is acceptable. You also have the right to Appeal a Denial of a FOIA request; Request to Waive a Fee or Appeal an Excess Fee if one is charged. All of these forms are also available by request at the front desk in Township Hall.   

The FOIA coordinator for Cambridge Township is the Clerk.