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Building & Construction Inspectors & Info

Cambridge Township Building Official Bruce Nickel

Description: The primary function of the Building Official is to perform technical and specialized review of building and site plans and design and construction documents to ensure compliance with Township and State ordinances, building codes, and any other general health or safety matters, with integrity and professionalism, under the jurisdiction of the Township of Cambridge. 

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Coming soon: a flow chart for typical order of building/construction process.

Cambridge Township Inspectors:
Building Bruce Nickel C:517-902-8131
Electrical  Brian Lewis C: 517-902-3852
Mechanical James Wiech C: 517-937-2813
Plumbing Thomas Trudeau C: 517-206-9005
Zoning Rick Arnold C: 517-917-6801

Duties of the Township Building Official:
1. Provide information regarding policies and services to general public.
2. Attend seminars, trade conferences, and other continuing education classes as required by the State of MI for the purpose of maintaining required certification as Building Official. 
3. Maintain ongoing awareness of construction trends and new materials, through trade journals, and other available materials.
4. Plan, direct and coordinate the enforcement of laws and codes governing the construction of new buildings or altering existing structures.
5. Issue, receive and monitor the issuing of Building Permit Applications. Review, check and examine construction plans, specifications and drawings to determine building code, site plans and related ordinance compliance with state and local codes.
6. Examine building and installation plans for electrical, mechanical and plumbing requirements.
7. Enforce housing codes and ordinances in new and existing buildings, issuing violation notices if needed. Conduct occupancy inspections on both new an existing buildings.
8. Oversee investigations of ordinance violation complaints and take appropriate action.
9. Represent the Township in legal matters regarding building regulation issues.
10. Provide information ad counsel on building ode requirements and construction methods to residents, builders, architects, engineers, attorneys and Township Board.
11. Advise builders and homeowners on minimum standards of construction and materials.
12. Monitor and approve dredging and filling of property covered by the FEMA Floodplain program and acts as Floodplain Administrator for the township. Maintain files of floodplain permits and records.
13. Accomplish teamwork by working with and maintaining positive relationships with all Township staff and general public.
14. Assist township in resolving technical questions relating to various code requirements.
15. Prepare reports and letters. Make presentations to the Township Board, commissions and other groups as necessary.
16. Establish and maintain liaison with appropriate government bodies, private firms, organizations or individuals to assist in achieving Township objectives and ensuring compliance with appropriate laws and development standards.
17. Review site and building plans and specifications of any complexity and compare them with construction in progress.
18. Detect hazards and violations and detail what the Codes require during field inspection work (Example: evaluate potential substandard structures.)
19. Ability to enforce regulations with firmness, tact, impartiality and professionalism in field inspection and office work.
20. Schedule regular meetings with Township officials and/or staff to discuss current and on-going activities, concerns and other related issues, offering recommendations and solutions.
21. Work as a member of the Dangerous Building Committee.
22. Perform related duties and special projects as required and assigned.