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Regardless if you are looking to purchase a new plot, transfer an existing plot, or research someone deceased in either Onsted Maple Shade or Cambridge Junction Cemetery, Brenda  or Pat can assist.  Email, call 517-467-2104, or stop in to discuss your needs.

To contact the Sexton, Scott Hunt, call 517-605-0359. 

General Costs: 

Regular (Adult) Opening/Closing: $500.00

Opening/Closing-Weekend/Holiday $600.00

Cremations-Regular $260.00

Cremations-Weekend/Holiday $360.00

Child Burials-weekday $400.00

Child Burials-weekend/holiday $500.00

Baby Burials-weekday $275.00

Baby Burials-weekend/holiday $375.00

Extra fee for Winter Burials (Frost)-Full $200.00

Extra fee for Winter Cremations $ 50.00

Burial Spaces-Resident $250.00

Burial Spaces-Non-resident $500.00

Foundations $0.40/sq. ft.

Winter Foundations (Oct. 10th to April 10th) $50.00

Adopted: May 6, 2020