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August Election 2022


Voting is an important right of each legal citizen.  As you move, either within a township or out, you need to update your address with the Bureau of Elections/your township. You can do it online at . Other options would be to update your driver’s license at the Secretary of State or to go in to your township office to register there.

If you move out of the state, please email your township office and tell us to "Cancel your MI voter registration." If you do not self-cancel, we have to keep mailing things to your old address for 8 years. Please help us keep our files up to date and accurate. (Not all 50 states share voter registration information.)  Surrendering your license at the Secretary of State does NOT cancel your voter registration. 
Questions on how to Register to Vote?

How to apply for the PERMANENT BALLOT List?
To join the Permanent Absentee Ballot List, you will need to fill out an application at the township office, if you did not select the option on one of your 2023 absentee ballot applications.
Though some voters have chosen to be part of the Permanent Ballot List now, you will still receive an application for the Presidential Primary to determine what style ballot you will wish to receive. That will have to be returned before ballots can be mailed. 

nd  if you signed up for the Permanent Ballot list,  you need to email or stop in the office two months prior to any upcoming election to give an updated mailing address for your ballot. Ballots can not be forwarded by the Postal Service.   Or you can go to the document drop down menu at the bottom of the page. Click on it to find the election temporary change of address form. Fill it out and return it to Cambridge Township. 

IF YOU ARE ON THE PERMANENT ABSENTEE BALLOT APPLICATION LIST, be advised that the State of MI Bureau of Election intends to drop support of that program option in the upcoming years. At that point your local township may choose to continue keeping the list option OR you may have to call for an application for each election that you want to vote absentee. A third option is to join the Permanent Ballot List, however, that means the ballot will automatically be sent to your permanent address every election. You would have to email or stop in to give a different mailing address for each election needed if you travel or going to live on campus for schooling. 

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